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39 Years Ago Anwar Sadat Wins Nobel Peace Prize ( My notes at the Nobel Peace Center in Oslo – Srimal Fernando)

 39 Years Ago Anwar  Sadat  Wins  Nobel  Peace Prize  ( My notes at the Nobel Peace Center in Oslo – Srimal Fernando) 

“Any life lost in war is the life of a human being, irrespective of whether it is an Arab or an Israeli” Anwar al-Sadat President   Of Egypt   said during a  Nobel Lecture  ,December 10, 1978)

Anwar Sadat  Jimmy Carter  and Menachem Begin,   at the signing of the Camp David Accords Photo  Source / & Internet  )


 Is  Peace Possible  in the Middle East? The answer is  ‘Yes Peace is possible”

In a Interview in 2012  former  US President   Jimmy Carter said  When I was elected President, nobody asked me to negotiate between Israel and Egypt But I felt that one of the reasons that I was elected President was to try to bring peace to the Holy Land.  Forrmer  US President   Jimmy Carter played a major role  in the process of peace building in the Middle East

If we go  down the corridor of history  Egypt–Israel Peace Treaty signed in Washington on 26 March 1979  (Camp David Peace Accord)   . Egypt agreed to leave the  areas in the Sinai Peninsula        captured by   Israel during the  six day war in 1967  demilitarized. This   agreement also provided for the free passage of Israeli ships through the Suez Canal and recognition of the Strait of Tiran, the Gulf of Aqaba and the Taba—Rafah straits as international waterways

The Norwegian Nobel Committee awarded   the Nobel Peace Prize 1978 jointly to   Anwar al-Sadat, President of Egypt, and Menachem Begin, Prime Minister of Israel.   The  Camp David Accords was rejected by  many  Arab nations.

Few years  later  on the 6th of October, 1981, during a parade celebrating the 1973 victory,  Sadat  the President of Egypt  was assassinated.

Forty years had passed has Egypt achieved Peace ?

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